Vintage Love

There is something about vintage clothes that keeps drawing us back. For some, it may be the originality of the garment, which cannot be mass reproduced. For others, it may be the impeccable craftsmanship of handmade clothes, or the exquisite texture of antique fabrics, or the fun, eclectic embellishments. For Lolita, all of these are reasons why she loves vintage fashion, and these are the qualities that Lolita aspires to when she launched Lolita Evonne.

The Lolita Evonne label was founded on Lolita’s vintage love. She takes unloved materials that would otherwise be thrown away, and alters, modifies and re-creates them, making something new and unique. An innovator, Lolita has used refurbished fabric long before “green” was cool. Lolita Evonne pieces recycle vintage fabric and they are made by hand, so your conscience can rest assured that these garments are 100% eco-friendly.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Lolita Evonne: vintage-inspired designs, earth-friendly clothes, and handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces are just a few. Discover your reason to fall in love!

Vintage Love - Lolita Evonne